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Chikalab Chika Layers 60g Hazelnut and Caramel

12.00 AED

Best Before: 17/02/24

  • Tempting Flavor Fusion
  • Protein-Infused Indulgence
  • Rich and Velvety Texture
  • Crafted with Quality Ingredients
  • Perfect On-the-Go Sweet Escape


Tempting Fusion of Hazelnut and Caramel Elegance

Indulge your senses with Chikalab Chika Layers 60g, where the tempting fusion of rich hazelnut and decadent caramel creates a harmonious flavor symphony. Experience a taste journey that combines nutty goodness with luscious sweetness.

Layers of Pleasure, One Delicious Bite

Chika Layers offers layers of pleasure in every delicious bite. The intricate combination of hazelnut and caramel unfolds with each layer, delivering a sensory delight that tantalizes your taste buds and provides a unique snacking experience.

Protein-Infused Indulgence

While delighting your palate, Chika Layers also introduces a protein-infused element to your indulgence. Enjoy the goodness of protein in every layer, making this sweet treat a balanced and satisfying choice for those seeking a guilt-free pleasure.

Rich and Velvety Texture Sensation

Savor the rich and velvety texture sensation of Chika Layers. The blend of hazelnut and caramel creates a creamy mouthfeel that adds to the overall experience, making each bite a moment of luxurious enjoyment.

Crafted with Quality Ingredients

Chikalab takes pride in crafting Chika Layers with quality ingredients. Each element is carefully selected to ensure a premium snacking experience, reflecting the brand’s commitment to delivering excellence in both taste and ingredient quality.

Perfect On-the-Go Sweet Escape

With a convenient 60g size, Chika Layers becomes the perfect on-the-go sweet escape. Whether you’re at work, on a commute, or simply craving a delightful treat, this size is tailored for easy and indulgent enjoyment anywhere.

Elevate Your Sweet Moments with Chika Layers

Elevate your sweet moments with Chikalab Chika Layers 60g. Whether you’re a hazelnut enthusiast, a caramel lover, or someone who appreciates a well-crafted snack, Chika Layers promises a symphony of flavors that heighten your snacking satisfaction.

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Hazelnut and Caramel



Chikalab Chika Layers 60g Hazelnut and Caramel
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